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How to stop overwhelm in 3 easy steps

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How to stop overwhelm in 3 easy steps – Facebook Live


How to knock out resistance

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How to knock out resistance – Facebook Live


How to accept where you are in your life at this exact moment

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Facebook Live – How to accept where you are in your life at this exact moment.

YOU are unique and an individual. You have inside you many of the tools you need to succeed and accomplish your goals and dreams in life.  You need someone that will empower you by listening and truly understanding what you are looking for in your life.  Then show you the HOW to, believe in you, and guide you with the resources and the know how.  If you are not sure, that’s ok too.  We can work together to figure out what your purpose is.

Once you zero in on what you want or what you desire.  Then we work together to make sure you accomplish that goal!!!  If you want to do what you love everyday full time and/or take your current business doing what you love to the next level so you can stop doing it part time.

The joy of seeing you take your passion, be able to embrace it every day, and get paid for doing what you love is reachable.  If you do what you love and take the action steps, the financial aspect can be limitless.

Success Stories

Hear from our happy clients!

Hi my name is Tsikki Thau and I am a stress management expert and a holistic consultant. I wanted to share with the world about this incredible opportunity for your new successful venture. I found Galit Rozen at a time where I was really seeking new answers and solutions to grow my business. I was struggling with the same type of business blocks daily until a miracle happened ! Galit was very open and kind with her time. She literally changed my perception of thinking. Galit is an extraordinary researcher. She will use her entire heart in all that she offers to expand your knowledge as well as promote your gifts with amazing tools. What I love about Galit the most is that she's true to her words and actions. This only builds trust and loyalty and I call Galit today my true friend. I highly recommend Galit's Rozen services to you all. You will be sure to be inspired as well as successful with a permanent smile of achievement.

Tsikki Thauwww.tsikkithau.com

Hi my name is Patricia Naugle-Beyer, Holy Fire II Reiki Master, International Medium, Intuitive Channeler and Holistic Therapist with Triple Goddess Healing
I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know HOW to do it until Galit crossed my path. I knew I had been called to serve but there were some pieces missing. Galit helped with my marketing message and branding for my website. She kept me on track during our calls and was always very focused on what my needs were.
My business is thriving and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future. I’m excited to see where all of this is going!
If you need a mentor and you’re feeling a little bit stressed out, then reach out to Galit with Empowering U. She is one amazing woman, mentor and she really get’s you going and empowers you to go far beyond what you ever imagined you could.

Patricia Naugle-Beyer, Holy Fire II Reiki Master, International Medium, Intuitive Channeler and Holistic Therapist with Triple Goddess Healing

Galit has been coaching me for three months and without her help my businesses would still be in the planning stages. When we first met my mind was a jumbled mess not knowing which direction or where to start. She helped me to become more focused and encouraged me to work at my own pace. Her enthusiasm and passion for her own business gave me the drive to push forward and I became excited about my opportunity to become an entrepreneur in both Real Estate and my true passion Photography. My plans are to continue with my coaching sessions because the best is yet to come!!!! Thanks for all you have done…

Dru Hicks Real Estate Professional

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